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Piano adventures

In order to learn an instrument such as the piano, two elements are required: a desire to learn and a proper professional guidance. If a student can bring the desire, I will provide the proper support to enable a student to progress at his/her own pace.

Together we will discover the path to learning that works specifically for a student. 
I love to learn and I also love to teach. The joy of learning is the key to mastering any difficult idea or skill. Music is a language and just like with a language, a student will learn the fundamentals such as reading, fingering, harmony and theory, and then move on to more advanced skills such as performing, improvisation and arranging.

Learning is exciting when every lesson gives a student an inspiration and increased skills and abilities that lead to self-expression and spiritual growing.

Teaching Methods

I. Beginner:  Every student is unique. My long experience as a piano teacher has given me the ability to accurately administer particular methods for the beginning pianist. Students learn the fundamentals of piano: correct positioning, sight-reading simple melodies, understanding rhythm, meter and one of the most important of all – creative thinking.
II. Intermediate:  Piano students have a firm grasp on meter, rhythm, and simple harmony. This is the stage where the knowledge of chord progressions, complex rhythms and a keen ear for good tone become imperative for further advancement. Students will learn about style among the different periods of music and will focus on important composers of those periods. 
III. Advanced:  With a firm foundation of music theory, piano students gain an understanding of the structure of particular works. They will learn to move beyond what is right or wrong and will begin to ask more subjective questions about drama, interpretation and creative decisions. Learning about the context of a particular work becomes important in answering these questions. 

My goal is to provide a warm and supportive environment in which all students can explore the world of music – not only the great heritage of the past but the lively world of today, including 20th-century art music and a wide variety of popular idioms.

Call or text 760-613-7240 to get more information.

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